It's the launch of Season 4 and Dr. Phil is pulling out all the stops! He's got a new set, his largest audience ever and a brand new mission: Helping women feel good about themselves, inside and out!



Out With the Old ...

Makeover madness strikes Dr. Phil! He kicks off Season 4 with a grand unveiling: a brand new set!




See the amazing new stage!



Making History

Dr. Phil makes history with his biggest audience ever! One thousand women gather in the audience, outside the stage and in Times Square, New York! 



They all want to change one thing.  



"She Looks Gross"

Fifteen-year-old Kelly hates her body. And can you blame her? Her mother, Jackie, constantly criticizes her about her weight and is a self-proclaimed "Monster Mom." 



Calling her daughter a "fat bitch." 



Celebrity Triumph

After years of struggling with bulimia, Paula Abdul finally accepts herself. Hear her secret for overcoming an eating disorder.




"It has nothing to do with food," says Paula.  



To the Extreme 

Kathy was a healthy 22-year-old when her boyfriend told her she was fat. An attempt to lose weight has turned into a 16-year battle with anorexia.  



She's 38 years old and a startling 68 pounds.


See Kathy's update.


Checking back in with Kathy.



Breast Requests

Three very different women all share one thing in common: They say their breasts are a mess. Can they convince Dr. Phil that plastic surgery is the answer? 



There are right reasons and wrong reasons. 


Update: The three women send Dr. Phil a message.



Gift Giveaways

Dr. Phil's audience is in for quite a surprise: Over $1,000 in prizes for each of them!





Over one million dollars total!



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Extra Content

Just a Little Too Thin: How to Pull Your Child Back From the Brink of an Eating Disorder

by Michael Strober, Ph.D. and
Meg Schneider, MA, LMSW

Da Capro Press Books 

To read an excerpt, click here.