Despite an intervention from Dr. Phil, Kerry, her husband Ernie, and her mother, Wanda are still struggling to get along. 

See their first appearance on the show.


Trying to Be Civil
Dr. Phil tried to send two feuding in-laws on a camping trip together. When that didn't work, they agreed to meet for coffee " for 10 minutes only. 


 See their reunion.



Backstage Reactions
Wanda had a few choice words for her daughter, Kerry, after the show.



  What made Kerry so upset? 


A Family Meeting

Emotions reached the boiling point when the family got together to air their differences.




 Who walks out? 



Three's a Crowd
Alaina and Ray live with his mom, Eda. Alaina says her mother-in-law is meddling, but Eda says she's only trying to help.



 What does Dr. Phil think?


The Fighting Continues

After the show, things heat up when Eda voices her opinion about her daughter-in-law.



 What you didn't see?