Do good looks really open doors and get you preferential treatment? See what happens when Dr. Phil's son, Jay, goes undercover to put this theory to the test! Plus, Dr. Phil has advice for two mothers who may be passing their superficial ways on to their daughters.



Favoring One Child 

Debi admits she spoils her older daughter because she is "beautiful," while her younger daughter gets treated poorly because she is "annoying, fat and unattractive."



"I never wanted ugly kids," Debi says.



Does Beauty Equal Success?

Michelle equates beauty with success and will only let her daughter play with attractive kids.  


Can Michelle get past her shallow thinking?


Dr. Phil checks back in.



Jay Goes Undercover

After hours of makeup application to transform his looks, Jay McGraw went in public with a hidden camera to see how he would be treated. He then repeated the experiments as himself.

The shocking results.

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