Dr. Phil answers your burning questions! Plus, he checks back in with some memorable guests.   



Revenge is Sweet ... Or is It?

After her divorce, Kim was moving on with her life just fine until she found out what her ex-husband spent her life savings on. That's when she decided to get even.


Why isn't revenge making her feel better?



Prodigy Problems

Brittney is a 13-year-old child prodigy who's smart enough to go to college. Her parents chose to send her to high school, but they worry that she's not emotionally and socially ready. 


"I don't mind being a loner," says Brittney. 



No More Chaos

When John and Devon were on the show, their kids were fighting non-stop, and their marriage was falling apart. 



A much brighter future.



Cleaning Up Their Act

Tre said his wife, Joyce, needed help cleaning up her appearance and her house. Dr. Phil sent the "Queen of Clean" to help her out.  



Is their house still a mess?



Still a Fitness Nut?

Alan was spending more time at the gym than with his new wife, Cindy, and their marriage was on the line when they came on the show. 



How have they changed?



Struggling Newlyweds

When Nicole and Jack first got married, Nicole was disappointed that their marriage was not as exciting and extavagant as their courtship.  



Has Nicole accepted their lifestyle?



Bridezilla No More?

Nicole said planning her wedding was turning her into a monster. Dr. Phil and Robin gave her some perspective. 



Nicole checks back in.



"My Life Has Changed"
When Amy first appeared on the show, she called her 34 HH breasts "a curse," and wanted to know how to move past the pain.  



See her transformation.



Family Grudges

Two siblings, Bob and Tina, hadn't spoken in a year when they came on the show. Their issue: Tina didn't like Bob's fiancée and couldn't forgive her for cheating.



Did Tina choose forgiveness?



A New Future

John first came to Dr. Phil after living in 15 different foster homes. Dr. Phil had many surprises for him that would change his life forever.



Something to smile about.



Finding a Passion

Brandon was a 21-year-old drug addict when his parents and Dr. Phil did an intervention. Even after the show, it was touch and go for a while. 



See how Brandon's doing now.



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