Could you be exhibiting racism through your attitudes and behavior and not even realize it? Take the test on this show and you may be surprised.


"I Want to Reform"

Charlie admits that he's a racist and it's tearing his family apart. His relationship with his daughter, Virginia, is strained since learning that she's pregnant with a biracial baby.  



Can Charlie unlearn his racist history?


Charlie spends two days with an African-American family.



Identity Crisis

Rujon's patience is being tested every day because his friend Ty keeps telling him he needs to stop acting so white!




Is there such a thing as too white or too black?



A Mother's Heartbreak

Marla's daughter, Daphne, has been missing for six years. Marla is angry and says the media fails to make locating ethnic minorities a priority.



Dr. Phil sheds light on this story and other missing women of color.


Have you seen these women?

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