"I want to make it my mission to get these folks some answers and help them locate their family members," says Dr. Phil who flew to Houston to console victims who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina. He saw firsthand the desperation of the victims who have lost everything, even their loved ones. He visited people living in the Houston Astrodome and offered help in finding lost relatives and coping with this difficult time. "My hope is that people will be moved to take action and give what is most needed right now, money," he explains. "I will never forget what I saw or those I met."



A Town Hall Meeting

Dr. Phil comforts victims living in a shelter and waiting desperately to hear from loved ones.




See one woman's amazing reunion. 



Full House, But Safe For Now

Judy and her family lost everything in Mississippi. They've traveled 550 miles to live with Judy's sister in Dallas. There are now 12 people living under one roof, and they don't know where to go from here.


Dr. Phil makes a house call.



Giving Back to His Community

Rap music mogul Master P lost his house, and many of his relatives are still missing. He started an organization to help the victims get back on their feet.


Team Rescue.



A Desperate Dad

After appearing with Dr. Phil on CNN's "Larry King Live," one man's search for his family took a dramatic turn.




"It was moments of despair."

Extra Content

  • American Red Cross
    To search for a missing relative or make a donation to help the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, please visit:
    redcross.org or call (800) HELP-NOW.

  • Team Rescue
    For more information on Master P's organization, please visit:
    or call (888) 886-7377.

  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    Some of the forgotten victims are beloved pets who no longer have a safe home. These pets are very important to the evacuees. To help these animals any way you can, please visit: spca.org.
  • The moving piece of music accompanying the images from Dr. Phil's journey to the South was from "Revival" by Sam Harris, and is available at samharris.com.