Ever since she was a teen, Michelle has had a problem with anger. Now her rage is so out of control, she's afraid she could lose her kids. Dr. Phil intervenes to help this family before it's too late.



"A Raging Lunatic" 

Michelle takes her anger to the extreme: following drivers aggressively, beating people up, screaming obscenities at her husband until he flees the house, and yelling at her daughters until they are physically sick and cowering in the closet.

Dr. Phil steps in.



Their Daughters' Side

Michelle and her husband, Jamey, see what life is like from their daughters' point of view. The girls explain that they prefer physical punishment because at least they are not hurt mentally.  



What does Dr. Phil think?



Warning Signs

Michelle has a history of violence dating back to when she was a teen. What causes her anger and how can she stop it? 




"You can change this," Dr. Phil tells her.

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