Eighteen-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared during a senior class trip to the island of Aruba. Now, Dr. Phil uncovers information never before revealed. Plus, Natalee's mom describes the horror of losing her precious daughter.


The Search Begins
Within hours of learning that her daughter had disappeared, Natalee’s mother, Beth, was headed for Aruba. Find out what she encountered when she got there, and who was last seen with the missing teen.


A parent’s worst nightmare.



Beth's Secret

Natalee’s mother, Beth, has been holding back an important piece of information she uncovered during her summer in Aruba. Find out what she discloses to Dr. Phil. Plus explosive evidence that never made it to the courts. 

 "And That's Not a Crime?"



Witness: Angelina
For the first time ever, the boss and good friend of one of the suspects in Natalee's disappearance reveals what he told her about the night the teen vanished.


What does Deepak know?



Landfill Sighting
Days after Natalee disappeared, a witness came forward to say he saw three young men putting her body in a landfill. But was he telling the truth? See what a polygraph test reveals.


“Did he see a face?” 



In a Mother’s Words
Catch an exclusive interview with the mother of suspects Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. Find out what she reveals, and why she attempted to keep what she said from airing on Dr. Phil.


"It's her daughter, but it's my two sons, too."



Deepak Kalpoe Speaks
None of the suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Halloway have ever talked to the media — until now. Find out what Deepak Kalpoe says about the case in his own words.


“Everything is empty."



Power in Numbers
When it comes to the loss of a child, there is no way to prepare for it. No way to cope. Dr. Phil has some advice for Beth, and for all Americans, on how to keep the investigation into Natalee’s disappearance moving.

Hitting them in the pocketbook.

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  • If you have any information related to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, call: (877) NATALEE
  • To write the Aruban government or for more resources, click here.