Dr. Phil heads to New Orleans to offer much needed hope and healing for the rescuers. 



A Tour of New Orleans

Dr. Phil surveys the devastation of a city paralyzed by a double disaster. "I'm absolutely overwhelmed at the enormity of what we're seeing here," he says. 


Part war zone, part ghost town.



A Grisly Scene
"The devastation here is unbelievable, just absolutely unbelievable," says Dr. Phil as he takes a boat tour of New Orleans' ravaged Lower Ninth Ward. 


A local leader's emotional homecoming.


Fighting For His City

Police Chief Eddie Compass breaks down to Dr. Phil as he describes the horror of trying to rescue people while snipers roam the streets.




"We're saving people's lives and they're shooting at us!" 



A Devastated Police Force

The hurricane left most of New Orleans's police officers homeless, but they continue to serve and protect their city. Two of the city's finest open their home as a refuge for 25 officers.


A home for heroes.

To make a donation to the New Orleans Police Foundation go to: http://www.nopf.org.



Working Together
Emergency Medical Personnel share first-hand accounts of the devastation that surrounds them, and the reasons that compelled them to aid the relief efforts.

"We're all trying to make it better."



Picking Up the Pieces
Todd and Mignonne had only been married for three years when tragedy struck. With Dr. Phil's help, Mignonne finds the courage to face the ruins of her first home. 


Dr. Phil's advice for moving forward.


Dr. Phil Meets the SWAT Team

Donning a bulletproof vest, Dr. Phil gears up for a night out with two brothers on the New Orleans SWAT team.  Using night-vision cameras, they search a neighborhood for the "bad guys."

"These are the hardest working people that you will ever see in your life," says Dr. Phil.

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