These parents say their precious daughters have turned into bullies. Dr. Phil spells out how "commando parenting" will reshape the behavior of their "little mean girls."



Losing Her to the Dark Side?

Heather and Mark are divorced and can't agree on how to parent their unruly daughter, Montanna.  She bullies her friends, kicks her teachers, and has been removed from two schools — and she's only 6!


Where is she learning this behavior?



"Straight From the Jungle"

Jana hates to discipline her kids, but she knows it's time to start because her 4-year-old daughter, Alyssa, is running her ragged.   




She loves to scream, spit and name call.



"I've Created a Monster!"

Michelle admits that she spoiled her daughter, Genesis, and gave her everything she wanted. Now her "princess" is 5, and if she hears no, she throws a screaming temper tantrum.



Michelle's letter to Dr. Phil.



Commando Parenting

It's time for all these guests to begin what Dr. Phil calls "commando parenting." 




Getting back to the basics.  

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