Dr. Phil checks back in with some of his most memorable guests to see if they took his advice, and if they were able to turn their lives around.



Raising a Prodigy

David and Deandra wanted their 22-month-old daughter, Madelyn, to be a "superkid." But by having her in five classes and on a strict diet, were they doing more harm than good?


How is Madelyn doing now?



Too Sexy?
Tracy was a 17-year-old model who tried to convince Dr. Phil that the photos on her Web site weren't too provocative. She recently turned 18, and now says her site is less sexy. So why does she still want Dr. Phil's approval?


Dr. Phil's special message for the teen.



Still a Clutter Crisis?
Kim was so overwhelmed by her messy house that she was embarrassed to have guests over. Dr. Phil sent a team of folks in to haul out the junk. You'll never believe some of the things they found!



Has she cleaned up her act?



Who Let the Dog Out?
John and Khara were at their wits' end because their 22-month-old dog, Amelie, was tearing up everything in the house. With a baby on the way, they worried that she would grow even more out of control.  

Have they learned to set boundaries?



Still a Freeloading Husband?
Jennell's husband, Springer, wanted to be a professional poker player, and the couple squabbles over his habit of spending their money. Things had gotten so bad that she was forced to mooch off her mother.

Is he still gambling with his marriage?



Wedding Day Woes
Ann says her wedding day was ruined when her dad playfully slapped the groom. Her husband, Patrick, couldn't remember his wedding, and she couldn't forgive her father for the accident that caused his memory loss.  

Where does the relationship stand now?


Still Having Bad Dreams?

Mitch and Heather said their 2-and-a-half-year-old son, Connor, was having nightmares about monsters in his room — and Dr. Phil!



Is he still having Dr. Phil nightmares? 


A Reason to Smile

 Candy thought her daughter had won tickets to the Dr. Phil show. But she was actually surprised with something she had been wanting for nine years — simply a smile.  



For Candy, now life is sweet.



A Family Vacation

Before Dr. Phil could start could start Season 4, Robin insisted that he get a little R&R.



See the family's getaway to Monte Carlo.

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