Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise made headlines with his controversial statements regarding psychiatry and the use of psychotropic drugs, especially in children. With the controversy comes a question for parents: Are we too quick to medicate our children?


An Angry Child

Jill and Dave say they’ve put their son on three drugs to manage his behavior, and none of them are working. His uncontrollable fits of rage are destroying their marriage and their peace of mind.  


Searching for the answer.



Drug Debate

Cynthia says she suffered a vicious reaction to Prozac and it was the worst ordeal of her life. Annette says anti-depressants saved her life. These two mothers debate Tom Cruise's opinions and reveal their own experiences. 


Two powerful personal stories. 



A Battle of the Exes

Debbie says her 9-year-old has ADHD and needs medication to function. Her ex-husband, Lenear, is not convinced. He says Debbie is just looking for a quick fix so she won’t have to spend time parenting.  


Can they come together on this issue?