It's been almost a month since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. Dr. Phil checks back in with the families he met who are trying to rebuild their shattered lives.


 Starting Over

Judy was forced from her home in Waveland, Mississippi, and took refuge hundreds of miles away at her sister's house in Texas. Now she's struggling to settle into her new life.  


"I harbor a lot of anger," she says.



New Challenges

Todd and Mignonne were married for three years and living in their first home when tragedy struck. They had to evacuate after Hurricane Katrina, but now they have a new problem. 

"How far does one person sacrifice for the one they love?" 


Getting on Their Feet
Find out what happened to Lisa and Charles, a family Dr, Phil helped reunite when the hurricane torn them apart. 



How are they adjusting?


A Student's Struggle
Dwight, a college junior, evacuated 17 members of his family after Hurricane Katrina. But staying in school was a challenge for him. 



Dr. Phil's good news for Dwight.


Special thanks to Dr. Cliff Stanley and Scholarship America,




Making Dreams Come True

Dr. Phil checks in on more hurricane survivors who had relocated temporarily to the Dream Center in Los Angeles. 



What's next for these families in transition?



A Tragic Homecoming

A member of Dr. Phil's staff sees her childhood home for the first time since it was leveled by the hurricane. For a day and a half, she didn't know if her parents were alive or dead. 


Coping with loss.



Just in Time for Lunch

Dr. Phil has a special surprise for the hungry men and women at the Command Center in New Orleans. 



Dr. Phil's support for the troops.



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