The doctor is in! Dr. Phil answers anything and everything — including some questions with adult content!



The Oral Sex Debate

Melissa and Larry have been married for 29 years and for the past five years they've been debating: Just what exactly constitutes oral sex? Larry says he's never had it, but his wife vehemently disagrees.


Has Larry gone without for nearly three decades?



Vertically Challenged

Melissa is furious when she sees TV shows celebrating overweight people and lavishing rewards on them for losing weight. She's a model who's constantly told she'll never make it because she's too short, and she says it's unfair.   


"They can lose weight, but I can't grow!"



Puppy Love

Melissa loves her dogs ... but does she love them too much? Her boyfriend, Ken, says Melissa goes overboard with how she treats her dogs, and it's driving a wedge in between them.



Is he just jealous?



"Surrounded By Chaos"

Camille finds herself constantly rearranging furniture, cleaning her closets and organizing her house instead of going out with friends. And yet, nothing seems in its place.



Is clutter really the problem?



Dangerous Driving Dad?

Carli says her husband, Armon, has already been in two accidents and another "incident" — with the kids in the car. She wants to know: how can she keep him from driving erratically now that they have children?  


"The day my son was born, I changed," says Dr. Phil.