She played the part of sexy "Samantha Jones" in the hit TV series Sex and the City. Now Kim Cattrall has written her second book about female sexuality. She joins Dr. Phil to talk about her own journey and to help guests achieve sexual satisfaction in their relationships. Send the kids out to play! This show is strictly adults only.

Sexual Intelligence
As "Samantha" on Sex and the City she was a symbol of sexual freedom — so why was Kim Cattrall still unfulfilled in the bedroom? And what motivated her to write two books on sex?

"I consider myself a sexual explorer."


Silent Partner
Tom wishes his wife Kathy would make some noise during lovemaking. Since she moans when she eats good food, he wonders what might be missing in the bedroom.


Self-conscious in bed?


In Search of the Big "O"
Wayne and Erin were virgins when they got married. Now, two years later, Erin says she still can't get the "big bang."



Is Wayne doing something wrong?


Oral Argument
Liz hates oral sex and doesn't want to give it or receive it. Her fiancé, Matt, wants it so badly he's willing to pay her for it. Should Matt get over his oral fixation or should Liz stop letting it disgust her?


"They don't call it a job for nothing."


Stalled Sex Drive
After five years of marriage, the fire between Gina and Matt has gone out. Gina writes to Dr. Phil with a desperate plea.



Can she save their marriage?

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To read an excerpt from Kim Cattrall's book, Sexual Intelligence, click here.

  • The documentary Sexual Intelligence airs November 15
    at 10:30 p.m.
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