Dr. Phil goes inside a shocking cult where 9-year-olds were known to have sex with 25-year-olds — on dates set up by their parents. What began as a typical 60s commune became a den of alleged sexual molestation, prostitution and extreme physical abuse ... all in the name of God.



Inside the Cult
Dr. Phil gives an update on an abusive religious sect that he and his son, Jay, exposed last season.


See the outcome of their exclusive reporting.



Tortured Memories

Several ex-members of the Children of God have been so haunted by the abuse, they've committed suicide. One survivor, Ricky Rodriquez, made headlines earlier this year when he murdered a former cult member and then killed himself.


See his chilling story.


A Daughter's Dilemma

Kristi says she can't forgive her father, Jim, for the years of painful abuse she suffered at the hands of this cult. They reunited after 16 years, but she thinks his motives are for financial gain.


Will she be able to forgive and trust him again? 



The Family's Legacy
China and her husband John, left the group together. Her brother committed suicide last year, and she worries that more ex-members will suffer the same fate.

How are they adjusting to life on the outside?

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