What makes a good wife? Is it cooking, cleaning, raising the kids and having great sex? Dr. Phil says too few couples understand what it means to be a "Mrs." He delves into the role of the wife in 2005. 



Looking for a Stepford Wife?

Grant says his wife of seven years needs some "wife lessons." He wants a cleaner house, better meals and a sexier spouse. Kelly says her husband's constant criticism and the pressure to be the perfect wife makes her feel like a failure. 

"I'm never going to be good enough," she fears.

The Wife Test

Does Grant know how hard his wife's job really is? Kelly puts Grant to the test. What happens when she hands him the dish rag and spatula?



Will he be the queen of his domain?

Update: How are Grant and Kelly now?

The Perfect Wife?

Diana says a good wife can hold the baby, answer the phone, correct homework, make dinner and feed the dog — all at the same time! She also says women must serve their men instead of trying to balance a career with family.   

"Men want to come home and have dinner on the table," she says.

Wife is a Four-Letter Word

Joy wants to stay single because she thinks getting married means giving up her independence.  Plus, she has a bone to pick with Dr. Phil!



Does Dr. Phil believe every woman should be a wife?