Dr. Phil and his guests engage in heated discussions about topics that are making headlines and stirring up controversy across the country.



Breast-Feeding In Public

Synnora says it's a mother's right to breast-feed anywhere, anytime. Shelly says it's inappropriate and she doesn't want to see it.



 "It can still be natural in the bathroom or in your car," says Shelly.




Should Schools Supply Condoms?

Tracey got pregnant when she was 17, so she is adamant that condoms be passed out in school. Laura says passing out condoms won't solve any problems.



What does the research show?



Discipline Debate

Veronica says it's her right to say something to a child if parents aren't doing their job. Karla says other people should mind their own business, especially if they don't have children.



How did Dr. Phil handle his own kids?



DrPhil.com Exclusive

After the show, Dr. Phil shares his thoughts with the audience.





What you didn't see.