Brandi was just 17 years old when she hit and killed her estranged high school boyfriend Daniel. She did it with her parents' car that she snuck out earlier that night. She says it was an accident, but Daniel's family disagrees. They say she purposely ran their son down in a fit of rage.



A Tragedy Unfolds

Was it murder or just a horrific accident? Members of both teens'  families tell their version of events from that tragic night.




In a heartbeat, everything changed. 



Brandi's Account

Dr. Phil travels to the correctional facility  where Brandi is interned and sits down to ask her some hard questions. See her reaction when Dr. Phil challenges inconsistencies in her story.



"Did you do this on purpose?" asks Dr. Phil.



The Ripple Effect

The pain of the tragedy continues to haunt both families. Dr. Phil discusses how Daniel's death devastated his family, and how Brandi's prison term has impacted hers.



Two families in turmoil.



A Mother's Message

Daniel's mother, Sheila, has strong feelings about Brandi and also about her mother, Sherri. Find out what she wants Brandi to know, and what Brandi has to say in return.



"She has ruined our lives."



What a Jury Never Heard

Does the police report contain evidence that could vindicate Brandi? Could a different lawyer have gotten her a lighter sentence? Find out what Brandi has to say and which family member storms out of the studio in tears.


Is her sentence overkill or a slap on the wrist? 



In Her Own Words

Dr. Phil asks Brandi what she would say to Daniel if she could, and what she would say to his mother, Sheila. Hear Brandi's message and the reaction of both families.



"There will never be forgiveness. Never."