Their job is to protect you. They won't let you walk down the street alone. They call your house five times a day, screen your calls, monitor your every move. No, it's not the government or the F.B.I., it's mothers! Is there such a thing as a mom having too much love for her child? Dr. Phil puts Mom to the test!



Too Possessive?

"I am paranoid and very overprotective," admits Teresa. She won't let her 14-year-old daughter, Ashlee, go to the mall, visit friends or play in the front yard without supervision.


What's behind her behavior?



See Ashlee and Teresa's first appearance.


Has Teresa's behavior backfired?


Dr. Phil checks back in with Teresa and Ashlee.



Facing Her Fears

Teresa says she wants to change her ways, so Dr. Phil puts her to the test. He plans an experiment for mother and daughter to see if she is really ready to let go.



See what brings Teresa to tears.



Too Old to be Controlled?
Dana says her mother, Diane, is so possessive and controlling that she calls her as many as seven times a day. She's even threatened to call the police if she doesn't hear from her daughter!



"She drives me absolutely insane!" says Dana.

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