A wise man once said, "It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, and five minutes to ruin it." Dr. Phil talks with guests whose lives have been destroyed by rumors and gossip.



High School Torment

Hannah, 17, says that since seventh grade she has been called a "slut," a "skank" and a "whore," but says she hasn't done anything to deserve this. Her former friend, Emily, says Hannah used to call her names.


Emily's surprise message to Hannah.



Seven Years and Still Talking

Karen has tried everything to dispel a rumor that has been spread about her. She even created a Web site to prove the truth.




Could she be contributing to the problem? 



Living a Nightmare

Kristi is a wife, mother and owner of a daycare center, but an anonymous letter accused her of making pornography with the children she's been entrusted to keep safe. 



"I am afraid this rumor will follow me forever."