Would you rather be right or happy? Dr. Phil talks with some right-fighters who can't settle their debate.



The Ultimate Fight

Eddie wants to follow his dream of being an ultimate fighter. But his wife, Stacey, has given him an ultimatum: Either give up the dream, or give up me!



Is Eddie right to put his marriage on the line for his dream?



The 30-Year-Old Virgin

Mark has been saving himself for his soul mate, whom he has yet to find. Although he's spent years defending his virginity, he's starting to doubt his decision.



Should he stick to his principles even if it means a life of loneliness?



Weight Debate

Jody's family is constantly saying that her 8-year-old daughter needs to go on a diet. Jody wants her mother, Joyce, and her sister, Kelly, to back off before her child develops an eating disorder.



Is Jody in denial?



No Room for Compromise

Jylana wants to home school her 4-year-old son and says the school system isn't equipped for how advanced he is. But her husband, Mike, says keeping him out of public school will stunt his social development.


What does Dr. Phil think?