If you're a college student or the parent of one, you don't want to miss today's show. Robin McGraw shares her secrets for adjusting to an empty nest, and Dr. Phil has advice for making the most out of the college experience.



Jordan Goes Off to College

Dr. Phil and Robin share their experience as they send their younger son, Jordan, to college. And, Robin explains how her roles as mother and wife are changing.



Robin's advice for making it through the transition.



Terrified of an Empty Nest

Becky constantly calls and interrogates her daughter, Molly, about where she is and whom she's with — all to keep her safe. She cries at the thought of Molly going to college, and is considering packing her bags and going with her!


Can Becky learn to cope without Molly in the house?



Nine Times the Fun

Meet five of nine female college roommates who drink heavily, fight constantly and don't mind when cops show up at their house. They ask Dr. Phil for advice on cutting the chaos and how they can learn to better communicate with each other.


 "Good fences make good neighbors," Dr. Phil tells them.



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