How do you know when it's time to end a relationship? Are you putting up with too much? See Dr. Phil's advice on how to get that man out of your life!



Still Can't Let Go

Rachel has been on again, off again with her boyfriend of four years. She says they've been engaged twice and called it off twice, and she truly doesn't know if she should move on.


What's keeping her in the relationship?



Trying to Move Forward

When Sheila last appeared on the show, she and her husband, Steve, were struggling to end their vicious cycle of alcoholism and abuse, and keep their kids out of the war zone.



Did she kick her husband to the curb?



Abuse Survivor

Michelle was stuck for years in a physically violent marriage that left her feeling ashamed and inadequate.




Don't miss the changes she's made inside and out!



Some Final Words

"I understand that marriage is a life commitment. I understand that people think it's a covenant with God. There are deal-breakers in my opinion, and physical abuse is one of those deal-breakers."

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