Money is often cited as the number one reason couples divorce. Dr. Phil talks with moms who say their money issues are causing major problems. Plus, the biggest mistakes people make when they think they have the latest, greatest money-making schemes.



Who Pays?

Andy and Lynn are newlyweds, but their marriage is already falling apart. Lynn says she has to beg for money, even when it's for their daughter. Andy says Lynn should stop relying on him for money and pull her own weight.


Is Lynn spending frivolously?



The American Dream

Alice says her invention could make her millions.  But after six years, an investment of over $160,000, and not one sale, her husband, Brett, says, "Enough is enough!"



What is Alice doing wrong?



A Dose of Reality

Tracie and Michelle are two moms who have a dream of opening their own boutique. They say they're ready to have some fun, but their husbands say, "Slow down!"



Do great shoppers make great shop owners?

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