Over a decade ago, the average age of a person "coming out" was 26. Now, it's 16. Being openly gay isn't considered as taboo as it used to be, but for some families, accepting that their child is gay still presents challenges.



Gay and Christian?

Anjela says her mother and sister don't support her sexual orientation, and feel she can't be both Christian and a bisexual lesbian. 


Will they ever reconcile this issue?



Gay-to-Straight Debate

David, a priest and former male prostitute, believes that sexual orientation can be changed. Justin, a gay Christian, argues that "conversion therapies" do more harm than good. 


What does Dr. Phil think?



A Prince or a Princess?

Andrea and Nick fear that their 4-year-old son's desire to wear high heels means he's walking into a gay lifestyle. 



"I am homophobic."

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Sexual Healing:
A Biblical Guide to Finding Freedom
from Sexual Sin and Brokenness
by David Kyle Foster