Do you catch yourself staring at the covers of People or US Weekly magazines? Or are you captivated by shows like Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, looking to see who's wearing what, who's drunk and who's kissing whom? We can't get enough of celebrities, but when does the fascination go too far?



Paparazzi vs. Photographers

Celebrity photographer Seth Browarnik says he's friends with celebrities and has permission to take their pictures. Frank Griffin prefers to chase down the stars. He says the paparazzi are just taking pictures that tell a story.


Was Dr. Phil misrepresented in the tabloids?



Obsessed With Tommy Lee

Tabitha says her infatuation with heavy-metal rocker Tommy Lee is so strong, she believes Tommy is the only man for her.



"If I ever met Tommy, I would like to spend a moment sucking in his aura."



Olsen Twin Number Three?

Jenni admits that her obsession with Mary-Kate Olsen is spinning out of control. But could it also be deadly?




"I don't want to meet her, I want to be her."