Being a mom is hard enough, but imagine juggling soccer, PTA meetings, homework and carpools — all while trying to cover up a secret life of drug addiction. Dr. Phil follows up with moms who say they were junkies.



No More Bathroom Breaks

Joani had a 30-year addiction to drugs and spent a lot of her time hiding in bathrooms, shooting up. Dr. Phil told her, "The next 10 minutes are going to determine whether you live or die." Joani chose to live and checked herself into rehab.


How is she now?



"What Do I Do With the Rest of My Life?"

Stephanie recovered from her 12-year addiction to Vicodin. But now that she's clean, she's facing an unhealthy relationship with her spouse, Chris.



"He just makes me feel like garbage."  



Inspired By a Guest

When Cara watched Stephanie's story on TV, it was like looking in the mirror. For over two years, Cara has been abusing Vicodin to deal with her chronic pain. Terrified to tell anyone and powerless to stop, she finally saw a way out.


Two weeks out of detox. 

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