Do you have a really strange habit? Are you in a bizarre situation and you think you're the only one experiencing it? Dr. Phil has advice for guests who wonder if their behavior is out of control.


Terms of Endearment?

Monica and Joe have a very odd, but playful habit. They constantly call each other names like "fat ass," "stupid," and "ugly." They love their bad banter, but wonder if it could be affecting their kids. 


"I'm not happy unless my husband calls me fat." 



In Sickness and in Health?

Mary says her husband, Roger's, life-saving liver transplant has put a serious strain on their marriage. She resents the money it costs to keep him alive.  


"I'm not working my ass off to pay for his problem." 



Grief or Jealousy?

Hillary's mom was her best friend before her father passed away earlier this year. Then a long-lost uncle showed up at Hillary's dad's funeral and now her mom is constantly spending time with him.


Is it normal for Hillary's mom to date her uncle?



"It's Spontaneous Nakedness"

Ruthanne and her fiancé agreed on their parenting views, except for one — he's a nudist! She wants to know if it's normal to expose their 4-month old to his lifestyle. 


Dr. Phil gives the bare facts.