Parents want the best life for their kids and often go to great lengths to make that a reality. But what happens when they get so controlling, they end up hurting the children they love?



Drill Sergeant Dad

Julie demands that her husband, Nathan, stop disciplining her 12-year-old daughter military style or they'll both march out of his life.


Is he strict out of love or for another reason?



No Reason to Cheer?

Michael says his wife, Anna, is so consumed by her dream of having their 7-year-old son become a cheerleader that it's taking over their lives. Michael says it's too costly, and fears it will damage their son long term.

Will Anna put her son's pom-poms to rest? 



Driven by Fear

A concerned father puts a tracking device in his son's car and gets more than he bargained for.




"I will sacrifice trust for safety."