Donna Wooten lived with her two daughters in a peaceful town in the heartland of America. When she broke off her relationship with her boyfriend of five years, Jerry Savage, she had no idea the lengths he would go to hurt her.

Taken at Gunpoint
Donna receives a surprise visit from the man she once cared for. Find out what happens during their tense encounter.


A break-up turns violent.


Jerry's Revenge
Just when Donna's family thought the nightmare couldn't get worse, their story takes an even more horrific turn.



Did Jerry have an accomplice?


A Trail of Grief
Donna wasn't the only one impacted by Jerry's violent revenge. Dr. Phil talks about the effects of the tragedy on the entire family and what loved ones can do in the devastating aftermath.


"Why couldn't I just have been there?"


A Symbol of Loss
Caitlin's car was found with the back door wide open. For the family, it represents the last place she was seen alive. Follow Donna and her parents as they see the car for the first time.


Their surprising reactions.


Friends Feel the Pain
Jerry's horrific crimes have tragically affected the entire community around Ada, Oklahoma, especially Caitlin's closest friends. Dr. Phil has words of advice to help them through their grief.


Dr. Phil entrusts the girls with an important message.


Caitlin's Law?
If Jerry had not been allowed out on bail after he kidnapped Donna at gunpoint, Caitlin might still be alive today. Could a change in the law prevent a tragedy like this one from happening again?


You can make a difference.

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