These guests are fed up with their loved ones' controlling, critical, perfectionistic behavior.



The Stepford Façade

Beth says she's the poster child for controlling perfectionists. She obsesses about her looks, controls her children's every move and tries to put on a façade of the perfect family. Her husband, Tony, says everyone is miserable. 


"All hell's breaking loose."



CEO of Her Household

Gina runs her family like a business and says being controlling is a good thing. She doesn't like Dr. Phil's statements to his controlling guests and says he's not addressing the key issue.   



The difference between efficient and overbearing.



Demanding Standards

Robin says her husband, Brad, is overly critical of the way she cooks, cleans, spends money, and anything else he can think up. After 16 years, Robin has one foot out the door and says she will step out completely if Brad doesn't change.


"I think I'm flexible," says Brad.