Are we raising a generation of ungrateful children? Using advice from his book Family First, Dr. Phil tells you how to determine whether your child is spoiled and entitled. 




Spoiled or Jealous?

Sabrina and Jessica say they have the most spoiled nephews in North America. Their sister, Melissa, says her sons aren't spoiled, they just like to play with toys — and her sisters are jealous of her lifestyle.


"All they have to do is whine."



"I Just Ask For It, and It Comes."

Dori admits her 13-year-old son, Parker, is spoiled. Parker says he won't take no for an answer and has a strategy for getting exactly what he wants.



What's behind Dori's need to spoil Parker?



A Materialistic Monster?

Joan blames retail America for spoiling Jacquie, her 14-year-old daughter. Jacquie says if it looks cheap, she won't wear it.



"Her material desires out-bling my bucks!"


Addiction or Hobby?

Lauren loves to shop more than anything in the world.  But with no money in her checking account, she's worried that she could be headed for serious trouble. Her mother Diane says she's not worried, it's just Lauren's way of relaxing.


"I spend all of my paycheck on shopping."


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