How high is the price for adultery? Can these couples repair their damaged marriages after infidelity?



Looking for "Freebies"

Albert and Camille have been married 11 years, but trust has been destroyed since Albert had an affair. Albert admits he'd cheat again if he could get away with a "freebie." Camille wants to know if her husband wants in or out of their marriage.


"I'm still madly in love with Albert," says Camille.



The Ultimate Betrayal

Danielle has cheated on her husband, Chris, 13 times over the course of their five-year marriage. Now, she's pregnant with another man's child. "I just like the attention," says Danielle. Chris says this is his wife's last chance.  


Is there any hope for this marriage?



Final Thoughts

"If you're in a relationship, and you just really don't want to be there, you really want to go run and play, then I'll guarantee you, you're better off to just do that," says Dr. Phil. "Don't stay together for the children, because that is no gift to those children. To grow up with parents in an emotionally barren relationship that is defined by deceit, deception, and bitterness — that's not a gift to children. They're much better off with one well-adjusted, happy, thriving parent, than they are with two who are cheating, and lying, and fighting, and living with stress and pressure."