Meet three newlywed couples who find themselves on the brink of divorce. Dr. Phil puts them through a series of stressful challenges to see how they interact in real life.


Newlywed Nightmares

The honeymoon is over for these newlyweds. They cheat, have explosive fights, and call each other awful names. Should they fight to save their marriages, or get out now?  


Meet the couples.



Driving Each Other Crazy

What happens when you put three barely married couples in a city they don't know, give them a map and tell them to "figure it out"? Plus, how do they get along while doing day-to-day activities like grocery shopping?  


Will they pull together?



Hot in the Kitchen

In the most difficult challenge yet, the couples have one hour to prepare and cook a meal they can't even pronounce! Then, the men are in charge of their wives' makeovers! 



"I look like a plum!"



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