Are you living way beyond your means? Do you shop for one pair of shoes, but come home with 10? Do you look great on the outside, while secretly facing financial ruin? Dr. Phil has advice for putting down the checkbook.


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A Shopping Fix?

Bridgette is deep in debt, but often spends $7,000 in one week. She's even dropped $25,000 in one weekend! Her husband, Michael, says her shopping is an addiction that's ruining their marriage and family.


"I feel like I'm being buried alive."  


Secrets and Lies

Bridgette's problem is even deeper than Michael thinks. Find out the one secret she's been hiding from him.


"I feel sick most of the time," she says.



 Like Mother, Like Daughter

Bridgette calls her 18-year-old daughter, Carol, her "partner in crime" when it comes to shopping, but worries that she's following in her footsteps.


Can Carol escape her mother's fate?