Dr. Phil's Road Show Challenge continues, as three rocky newlywed couples compete to win big prizes! How will the couples get along when the pressure is on?


Catch up on what you missed! See Part 1 of this road show challenge.



Ultimate Communication Test

The wives have to change a tire while receiving direction from their husbands via an ear piece. Tom and Nichole have the most difficulty. Nichole says he's too much of a perfectionist and doesn't think she can do anything right.


Nichole rips out her ear piece and refuses to talk.



No Trust

Barry and Katie make a great team when they have a task to do. So why do they always end up in fights that are so explosive, the police have to get involved? Katie says that if there were a challenge that involved fidelity, they would lose. 


Dr. Phil lays it on the line.



It Takes Two to Tango

In just 30 minutes, the couples have to learn the Tango, and then perform it in front of a celebrity judge. Which couple wows the judge, and which ones have two left feet?



"Every step they made was executed beautifully."



Final Words

Dr. Phil speaks with all the couples about their personal truth, integrity, and how to treat their spouses to build a foundation for a great marriage.



"It's all about choices."



Big Prizes

They've navigated, they've shopped, they've cooked, and they've danced. Dr. Phil announces the winners of the Road Show Challenge!




Building a new future.



Update: How are Matt and Lindy now?

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