Imagine hearing voices that don't exist, thinking neighbors were controlling your behavior with magnetic waves, or that people on television were sending you secret messages. What if you constantly thought someone was following you, trying to poison you, out to get you? For those who suffer from schizophrenia, delusions and paranoia are part of daily life. Dr. Phil sheds light on a disease that is both complex and frightening.



Hearing Voices

Mary is a schizophrenic who started hearing voices as early as her teens. Go inside her mind as she describes the incredible hallucinations she has.



 "I wanted to stab something into my ears just to make them stop." 



Is it Schizophrenia?

What do you do when your own mother is the one constantly talking to voices and believing that people are trying to kill her? Siblings Tim and Ann Marie come to Dr. Phil with a desperate plea.


Is their mother beyond help?


Update: Did Ann Marie and Tim get their mom back?



Three Generations of Mental Illness? 

They were confused and scared when their grandmother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and now they watch their own mother sit in a corner talking to the voices. Rachel and Melanie fear that they may be next in line.


Is schizophrenia their genetic destiny?



Deadly Consequences

A news report details one tragic result when a victim of schizophrenia goes without medication. And some words of advice to anyone who feels reality slipping away.



"Mysterious voices made her do it." 

Extra Content

  • For a list of early warning signs of mental illness, plus a list of resources, click here.
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