Thousands of viewers sent in questions for Dr. Phil. He weighs in on infidelity, trust, flirting, dangerous childhood sexual games, and a single mother's dilemma.


Jealousy and Control
Valerie says her husband is so jealous that she can't even go to the bathroom by herself!


Dr. Phil looks at infidelity and insecurity.



Flirting with Dr. Phil
Heather loves to flirt ... but other women seem to hate her for it. Is it innocent or irritating?


She gives Dr. Phil a taste of it.

 See Heather's follow-up.



Parenting and Self-Fulfillment
A single mom's dilemma: Should she abandon her son to find happiness in a bigger city?



Innocent Curiosity or Incest?
"Donna" calls in to ask Dr. Phil when childhood sexual games with your siblings cross the line and become incest.