Four newly-divorced women are imprisoned by guilt, shame and anger after their husbands walked out. They join Dr. Phil and Robin for an intense two-day retreat to learn how they can let go of their broken pasts, reclaim their independence and move forward with their lives.


Robin is very passionate about helping women empower themselves. Some of her closest friends have suffered the pain of being left by their husbands after many years of marriage. "My goal is to help women that have this happen to them be able to stand up for themselves and start a new life," she says.



Age: 49
Married: 27 years
Divorced: 4 months 

"He made me feel like I was worthless."


Age: 55
Married: 32 years
Divorced: 2 weeks

"God should strike him dead."


Age: 52
Married: 25 years
Divorced: 10 months


"I feel like I'm the one to blame."

Age: 34
Married: 7 years
Divorce in progress

"I hate him more every day."

Through Each Other's Eyes

They've lost so much of themselves in their marriages, that the women find it hard to own their emotions. Dr. Phil asks them to give each other brutally honest feedback. But will they be able to take Dr. Phil and Robin's opinions? 

"You have assumed a spineless and gutless position in life."

Face to Face with Cheaters

The women face off with two confessed cheating husbands and get a chance to tell them exactly what they think. 

"You disgust me."

Letting Go of the Pain

In an intense, emotionally exhausting exercise, the women focus on their pain, anger and frustration and then let it all out.  

"Damn you! You hurt me!"



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