In the five months since 18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared, search teams have combed the island of Aruba looking for her body, but so far have found nothing. Dr. Phil broke new ground in the case on a previous show. Click here for a look back.


So what happened to Natalee? Did the boys who were last seen with her murder her? Or could she still be alive, and if so, where could she be?



The World's Best Kept Secret
Ty Ritter rescues children who have been sold into the sex slave trade. Learn about his role in the search for Natalee. Also, the explosive phone call that gave hope to Natalee's mother.  

Note: This slide show contains graphic descriptions not suitable for children.


"I've never disclosed this to anyone."



The Eye of the Storm

The search takes Jamie and Ty from Cancun to Caracas. Learn why Dr. Phil had to send in a plane to rescue these rescuers. And why one of them was attacked and stabbed.



Were they too close to the truth?



The Search for Amy Bradley

Natalee is not the first American girl to disappear in the Caribbean. Amy Bradley disappeared from a cruise ship after spending the day in Aruba. Was she sold into the sex slave trade?


"It's the worst nightmare."



Consequences for Aruba

The governor of Alabama is now supporting the boycott of Aruba that started on Dr. Phil. Has the boycott affected the island? And what's next?


A challenge for all the states.

Extra Content

If you have any information on Natalee Holloway please call: 1.877.NATALEE.

If you have any information on Amy Bradley please call: 804.276.8503.