Parents, listen up! Whether you're raising a toddler or a teen, Dr. Phil shares advice for solving big problems now, so they don't become bigger challenges down the road.



Pushover Mom? 

Victoria Gotti is a single working mom who's shown America the challenges of raising three teenage boys on the reality show Growing up Gotti.  She says her sons are good kids, but they talk back, break rules and take advantage of her. 


How can she learn to stand her ground?



The War at Home

Michael Rapaport takes us behind the scenes of his new sitcom, which tackles very controversial parenting issues. He also has questions for Dr. Phil about his own parenting style.



"I'm struggling just like everybody else."



To Spank or Not to Spank?

Brantley says his 22-month-old son needs to be spanked when he misbehaves. His wife, Jennifer, thinks that spanking will damage him forever. The conflict has grown serious and is impacting their marriage.


"We have a 2-year-old son who runs our household."



Friendly or Dangerous?

Stefani and Patrick worry their 5-year-old daughter is too friendly with strangers. She will talk to anyone and has even wandered off with a man to his car, so she could pet his puppy.



What can they do differently?


The audience gets their chance to ask Dr. Phil questions.





What you didn't see.

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