Do you hold onto a painful secret from your childhood? Dr. Phil speaks with three sisters torn apart over their painful memories of the past.



Different Memories

Cathy and Micki have been estranged from their half-sister, Hollie, because they grew up in an abusive household, and they disagree about what really happened. Their heated confrontations keep them apart from one another.


Hollie feels caught in the middle of her sisters and her father.



No More Secrets

Cathy and Micki say the abuse they endured at the hands of their stepfather went beyond mental and verbal — it was also sexual. Hollie is shocked to hear  what her sisters say they went through.   


"I never, ever knew what happened," Hollie cries.



A Message from Hollie's Father

Dr. Phil plays a portion of a phone interview with Hollie's father. Although Hollie has grown close with her father, is she putting her daughter in danger?



Dr. Phil's words of caution for Hollie.



Becoming Sisters Again

How can Cathy, Micki and Hollie get closure on the past, support one another and learn to be sisters again?  




Setting boundaries and starting over.