The first wives are back! They've got a new look, a new attitude and a new lease on life! Catch up on what you missed in Part 1 and Part 2. To kick start their new and improved lives, the women are in for some amazing surprises!  




Full of hate and rage, Pam said she understood how a woman could come to the point of murdering her husband.


Putting the past behind her.




Believing that she was to blame for her husband's affair, Holly couldn't take off her wedding ring and accept her divorce. 


Feeling like a brand new woman.




Being abandoned by the men in her life left Heidi with anger and bitterness toward all men.  


Freeing herself with forgiveness.





After years of being unable to stand up for herself, Donna is finally learning to be an independent woman.   


Stronger than ever.



"I Will Survive"

Grammy-award winner and disco queen Gloria Gaynor surprises the women with a performance of her hit song, "I Will Survive."   


The theme song for breakups everywhere.



Their New Look

Dr. Phil and Robin wanted Pam, Holly, Heidi and Donna to look as good on the outside as they now feel on the inside.  


See their amazing transformations!