Dr. Phil's guests dare their loved ones to finally try something new — and last a day at it!  From camping in the wilderness to playing in a high school marching band, will these guests be able to stick it out for a day?



Not the Camping Bunch

Ron doesn't think his wife and six "high maintenance" daughters can make it camping in the great outdoors by themselves for a night. With Survivor's Jeff Probst to start them on their journey, will the girls be able to last?


What makes the girls scream hysterically and consider giving up?



Fired Up

Melissa was the first candidate on The Apprentice fired by Donald Trump this season. She says she can't work with women because they are intimidated by her brains and looks.



"I don't suffer fools well."



Reality Check

Lauren's parents challenge her to last a day working in the real world, so she can see how hard it is to earn all the money she spends. She says it will be easy — until she sees where she has to work!


"I'm going to get dirt under my fingernails. Not cool."



Music to Her Ears

Samantha plays in her high school marching band, and she wants to prove to her godfather that band isn't just for nerds. When he straps on an instrument, will he be able to keep in step, or will he march to the beat of his own drum?


Did Samantha's godfather change his tune?

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