A mother's worst nightmare comes true when she learns that her teenage son is using drugs. Can he break the vicious cycle? Then, Dr. Phil follows up with a woman who was trying to beat a deadly addiction.



The Doctor is In

Vikki reached a state of panic when she heard that her 16-year-old son, Justin, was passed out in his bedroom with drug paraphernalia at his side. See what happens when Dr. Phil makes a surprise house call.


"He's going to end up killing himself."



Facing Her Fears

Dr. Phil and Vikki go upstairs to confront Justin. Can Vikki face her son and tell him that getting help is his only option?




"I'm afraid of everything right now." 



The Road to Recovery

Lisa was a mother of three young children and had been addicted to alcohol for years. She wrote to Dr. Phil and said she was desperate for help getting sober.  



Did she break the habit?

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