It's Dr. Phil after dark! He is hosting a champagne party — with an audience full of single women and men looking to meet Mr. and Ms. Right. Using his new book, Love Smart: Find the One You Want — Fix the One You Got, Dr. Phil teaches these singles how to be smart when it comes to love and relationships, and how to "bag 'em, tag 'em and take 'em home!" If you're tired of sleeping single in a double bed, or if you're ready to put the spark back in the relationship you already have, you don't want to miss Dr. Phil's advice.



"I'm a Horrible Dater"

Noelle says that her first dates are always her last dates. She wants to know what she's doing wrong, so Dr. Phil sends her out with a guy she'd like, and tapes their rendezvous.



What is Noelle doing that sends the wrong message?



Willing to Settle?

Janet is a former beauty queen who never thought she would still be single at 37. She admits to being picky and wants to find Mr. Right ... right now. How is Janet's date with a guy who looks like everything she wants?


Janet's date has a secret.



Secrets to Success

Jo-Anne, Layla and Judy want Dr. Phil's help weeding out the Mr. Wrongs. They each go on three-minute dates, and Dr. Phil secretly coaches them through an earpiece to help them ask the right questions. 


How to find out what you really want to know about your date.



Dr. Phil's Translation Guide

What do guys really mean when they say things like, "I'll call you," "Have you lost weight?" and "I've been really busy with work"?




Is what they say really what they mean?



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