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Spice It Up!

Melissa has a newfound interest in sex and wants it more often, longer and more uninhibited! Her husband, Spencer, says he feels like a piece of meat and wants Melissa to tone it down.


What caused her sudden passion?


Update: How are Melissa and Spencer now?



The Next Mozart?

Russell thinks his daughter is going to be a piano-playing prodigy and likes her to practice every day. His wife, Niquelle, thinks he's pushing her too hard — especially since she's only 7 months old!


What do Dr. Phil and Robin think?  



Family Competition

Janie and her 15-year-old stepdaughter, Brittiney, compete to see who can eat less and who exercises more. They compare themselves in the mirror and remind each other to suck in their stomachs in public.  


Janie wonders if she's negatively influencing Brittiney.



The Best Revenge

Stephanie says she dropped out of high school because she was severely bullied for being overweight. At her heaviest, she was 300 pounds. After losing 130 pounds, she's headed to her high school reunion.  


Stephanie wants to know why she still feels inadequate.



And Baby Makes Four

Candice and Mark are delighted to learn they're going to have another baby, but wonder how to break the news to their 2-year-old daughter.



What did Robin do?



Painful Childbirth

Stephanie says the birth of her fourth child was the most pain she's every experienced and it's all Dr. Phil's fault!




"That darn Dr. Phil!"

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