From a mom with a violent temper to feuding sisters with tearful recollections of childhood molestation, Dr. Phil checks back in with some of his most explosive guests from this season.



A Mom on the Brink?

When Michelle was last on the show, she was screaming obscenities at her husband, and yelling at her daughters until they were physically sick.  


"I feel like the raging lunatic is inside me." 

Better or Still Bitter? 

Two months after meeting with Dr. Phil, Michelle says she's trying to be more patient, but still finds herself easily irritated. 



Find out why she still battles the urge to rage.

Caught in the Middle

Cathy and Micki said they were constantly bickering with their half-sister, Hollie, over painful memories of being sexually molested by their stepfather, Hollie's biological dad.  


Have they made amends and moved on with their lives?



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