The ultimate holiday party continues as Dr. Phil and Robin spread holiday cheer to deserving families affected by Hurricane Katrina. Catch up on what you missed in Part 1.



More Celebrity Surprises

Jimmy Fallon, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Scott Hamilton, Jesse McCartney, Martina McBride, Donald Trump and Jerry O'Connell! But wait — there's more!



Just when the kids thought the day couldn't get any better ...



The Gifts

Once again, Dr. Phil and Robin's audience is filled with families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. They're also going to receive the same toys that the celebrities gave away at the party!  



See more information about the gifts featured in this episode.



An Important Question

Parents dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina should pay close attention to how their children are adjusting. Dr. Phil answers an important question from a parent.  



Coping with the aftermath of trauma.